India manager Sunil Subramanium called back after misbehaviour in Caribbean island

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Team India manager Sunil Subramanium has been asked to return back to India from the on-going West Indies tour. Subramanium has been accused of misbehaviour with the bureaucrats in the Caribbean island.

Subramanium is said to have caused inconvenience and upset the Indian diplomats in Trinidad when he was approached as he was the go-to-man for a commercial shoot.

It is reported that Subramanium had behaved rudely and refused to facilitate, arguing that he didn’t receive anything in writing from the board as any kind of request from the Union government or another board needs to be communicated in writing. This episode had upset the Indian diplomats and a complaint followed.

He had gotten away with his misbehaviour during Perth Test in December 2018, it was only a matter of time that he faced consequences and that is exactly what has happened as Committee of Administrators (CoA) have come to know of the matter by senior government officials of India. Subramanium has been called back from West Indies tour.

The board confirmed the development and there may be possibility of him getting barred from contesting for the position of a manager. An official from the board said, “Yes, mails have been exchanged and while he has spoken about how it was an inadvertent mistake, the top bosses are pretty clear that he needs to return. Citing stress when you are a representative of the country cannot be a justification.”

Furthermore, “As for the role of manager, it remains to be seen if he will be allowed or barred. Depends on how the executives take to his reasoning once he is back in the country. But this it’s the first time that he has been caught napping when it comes to his conduct as manager of the Indian team and the episode in the Caribbean islands Could be the death knell.”

It has also been reported that the board was not happy with Subramanium’s behaviour in the recently concluded World Cup.


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