Dave Cameron’s vision for ICC

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Former Cricket West Indies president Dave Cameron who aspires to be the next chairperson of the International Cricket Council (ICC) visualizes a new world of cricket where more significance is given to private T20 leagues over international cricket calendar.

Former West Indies cricket boss Dave Cameron

Although Cameron has his heart set for the ICC position, Cricket West Indies (CWI) does not fund on his candidature for the top spot of the global body.

Cameron headed the Cricket West Indies from the year 2013 to 2019 and has proposed for a longer IPL league and wants all T20 leagues to run simultaneously in a similar manner as the top tier football leagues like EPL, La Liga and Serie A that begins around the same time.

“Playing Test cricket should be a choice for smaller teams like Afghanistan and Ireland, it should not be mandatory,” Cameron told PTI in an exclusive interview.

At least to votes from the ICC board are required to run for the chairmanship and Cameron has been able to secure that. England’s Colin Graves is in the lead for the post of ICC Chairman while Sourav Ganguly could also be seen running in the race.

“I have those votes I don’t think it will change. I am still waiting to hear about Ganguly’s future in the ICC. They have not finalised the election process yet,” said Cameron.

“I see longer a IPL, I see longer leagues in Australia and England. The most profitable events we have now is T20 leagues and we need to grow that, take them to places like US and grow the opportunities have more players to participate in those leagues and have less international cricket, leading to more profitability.

“This thing of trying to do more ICC events is not going to help the smaller countries because there is not enough space in the calendar.” Cameron stated pointing out that fans only prefer to see competitive cricket holding a lot of commercial value.

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