ISL in COVID-19 times: A look at the protocols if a person tests positive for Coronavirus!!

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With the ISL season 7 being the first high-profile sporting tournament to resume in India after the COVID-19 outbreak began in March, the entire season is being played in Goa behind closed doors, the COVID-19 threat remains considering the situation in India is far from resolved.

ISL organizers have put in stringent measures to nullify the virus threat by placing the teams and officials under a bio-secure bubble,

As far as the 2020-21 ISL season is concerned, the organizers have put in place the following protocols:

– The access to training facilities and stadiums has been divided into 4 tiers.

1. Players, team officials, match officials and personnel interacting with them regularly including accompanying family members

2. Persons interacting with Tier 1 personnel for pre-identified workflows

3. Persons having no physical interaction with Players and Team officials. Will have operational access to Field of Play (FOP) and Competition Area/ Delegate Area/ Media Tribune

4. Persons interacting with Tier 3 personnel. Their access will be limited to Stadium concourse.

People in tier 1, 2 and 3 will be tested once every three days but those in tier 4 will be monitored via the ISL Health app.

In a case where a person tests positive for the virus, he/she will be kept in an isolation facility if asymptomatic or in a hospital if symptomatic. Two negative tests within 48 hours would enable the person to return to the bio-bubble.

If any member of the team comes in contact with a COVID-19 positive person, he will also need to go into quarantine for 14 days.

The ISL is leading the way when it comes to the resumption of sports in India. Depending upon the level of success that the football league manages to achieve, the path for the other sporting events will become clear

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