Tue, 12 Apr 2022

‘Sachin Would Never Get Out, Whereas Virat Did’ – Rashid Latif' Prediction He Finds Loophole in Kohli’s Batting!!


No cricketer has yet come close to Tendulkar’s feat of most runs and centuries in both formats, his statistics suggest so.  However, ex-India captain Virat Kohli may have the potential to come close to the former’s record.

'Sachin Would Never Get Out, Whereas Virat Did' - Rashid Latif Points Loophole in Kohli's Batting

But recently, Kohli’s consistently poor form has been a concern. Former Pakistan wicketkeeper Rashid Latif has now identified a fault in Kohli’s batting and reckons that is the reason why he is struggling. 

“When I speak about Virat, he always used to go across the stumps. But he never believed in date, stats, coaching. He is a great player but got caught. A bottom-hand player who goes across, got caught there. That is why when the ball goes away, he would have a problem. Recently, Sri Lanka came to India for a Test series. The ball kept low. On such low pitches, Sachin would never get out, whereas Virat did. Tendulkar would change his strategy. He would come inside the crease if it’s spinning too much, and vice-versa. Sachin has had this problem a few times – like Asif dismissed him in Karachi (2006), but most often he would adjust. So this is the difference if I have to compare (Kohli and Tendulkar). On poor pitches, there is no batsman better than Sachin,” Latif said during a YouTube chat

Meanwhile, Kohli is part of the Royal Challengers Bangalore unit in the IPL and would be playing tonight against Chennai Super Kings.