Thu, 24 Feb 2022

BCCI is the world's richest Cricket Board, find out what salary do the players of Team India, Domestic and U-19 teams receive


BCCI is the world's richest cricket board. Every year BCCI gives away salaries worth crores to its players and this is the reason why the list of 10 richest cricketers in the world include more Indian players. Soon the Indian cricket board will renew the contract of players for the year 2022 and big changes can be witnessed in the annual contract of many big players and there could be a significant increase in the salaries given. Let's find out how much salary does BCCI give to its Team India, Domestic and Under-19 players.

Indian men's cricket team salary

BCCI pays grade-wise salary to the Indian men's cricket team. 7 crores for A+ cricketers, 5 crores to A grade players, 3 crores to B graders, while C grade cricketers are paid Rs 1 crore annually.

Indian women's cricket team salary

The BCCI also gives annual salary to the Indian women's cricket team according to the grade. Rs 50 lakh for A graders, Rs 30 lakh for B graders, while C grade cricketers get Rs 10 lakh annually

Similarily, India's domestic Under-23 cricket team and Under-19 cricket team also gets paid as per their grade.

How much salary does BCCI pay to domestic cricket players: Under-19 and Under-23 teams?

The players who have played 20 matches in domestic cricket are given Rs 40,000 per day, while reserve players are given Rs 20,000 per day.
Senior players who play more than 40 domestic matches are paid Rs 60,000 per day and reserve players Rs 30,000 per day.
Players who play 20, 40 and over 40 matches are given Rs.1,60,000, Rs. 2 lakh and Rs. 2,40,000 rupees per match in domestic cricket.
A player who plays domestic cricket for at least 50 days in a season can earn up to Rs 30 lakh.
The senior players of the Indian women's team are given Rs 20,000 per day in domestic cricket, while the reserve players are given Rs 10,000.
The players of India's Under 23 cricket team are given Rs 20,000 per day and Rs 12,000 for the reserve players.
The players of India's Under-19 cricket team are given Rs 20,000 and reserve players Rs 10,000 per day.
Players of India's Under-19 team get Rs 7000 per day while reserve players get Rs 3500 per day.
Players of India's women's Under-19 team and women's Under-16 team get 10,000 rupees per day in domestic cricket and 5000 rupees per day for reserve women players.