Mon, 28 Nov 2022

Brett Lee Advice To Arshdeep Singh To Build Mental Filter, Says Get Off Social Media Focus On Your Cricket!!!


India’s rising seamer Arshdeep Singh made debut in July against England where, the pacer played an important role for Men in blue in the recently concluded T20 World Cup.  

Brett Lee Gives Advice To Arshdeep Singh

Former Australia speedster Brett Lee gave important advice about mental health and social media.  

Arshdeep gathered 10 wickets in six matches at an average of 15.60 and an economy rate of 7.80. Brett Lee advised the 24-year-old pace bowler on his YouTube channel:

“I’ve got a couple of little things that I believe can help Arshdeep Singh. Now, people often say that a fast bowler should get to the gym and get strong. Now, strong can be stronger with the mind. Strong can also be too many muscles. The speedster said”

“I said don’t go over to the gym now. Light weights, high repetition, don’t worry about the beach muscles. If you want to go and do that, it’s fine. It won’t help you bowl faster, it won’t help you to bowl fast for a long period of time. Don’t overdo the gym in terms of heavy weights.” Added Lee

“Build a mental filter for social media comments because we know that the common career these days. The guys and girls playing are all on Tiktok and Facebook and Instagram and you know Twitter.

“If you’re gonna play sports and you want to have social media presence, you have to understand… the turn off notifications. Don’t read what’s written or do have the brains to separate that.”

“People are often sometimes saying stuff on social media that they wouldn’t say to someone’s face. So have the common sense to build a mental filter. If you don’t like it, get off social media (and) focus on your cricket.”

Arshdeep Singh recently made his ODI debut for India in the first ODI match against New Zealand on November 25 at Eden Park in Auckland.