Updated: Aug 13, 2022, 12:56 IST

DARING Statement Says Do Not Take Us Lightly We Can Beat India-Watch Who gave it!!


The Indian cricket team has left for the Zimbabwe tour, where the first match of the series will be played on August 18, while the other two matches will be played on August 20 and 22. Even before the start of the series, the coach of the host Zimbabwe team, Dave Houghton, has given a stern warning to the Indian team.

He said, “Don’t take us lightly, we can beat India. Our bowling and fielding is as good as it was before my time. Apart from that, we have some batsmen who are batting really well.

The coach said, “All is going well at the moment but it will be a big test against India because we are playing with the strongest team in the world. But I still wanted to do well with the team and compete really well. I will hope.”

Under the guidance of new coach Dave Houghton, Zimbabwe has won the first ODI series against a top country since 2017. Zimbabwe also won the T20I series 2–1, which was their first series win in this format against a top team.