Sep 28, 2022, 12:09 IST

Fuchka And Biryani Food On The Roadside’: Jhulan Goswami Wants to Enjoy every moment!!


Jhulan Goswami was welcomed by CAB President Abhishek Dalmiya at Kolkata Airport after she said goodbye to her international career spanning two decades at the Lord’s ground in London on 24 September.

Many young cricketers were also present there to welcome ‘Chakda Express’ with flowers and garlands outside the airport. Jhulan said that now she can eat fuchka (pani puri, golgappa) on the streets and can also wake up late in the morning.

He said, ‘The 2017 ODI World Cup final is closest to my heart. As a team, we won the series 5-0 in 2005. In 2022, I won 3-0 in England. That’s why I feel very lucky.’

Jhulan also took two wickets in the last match of international cricket at Lord’s. Which will be especially memorable for them. Jhulan said, ‘I can never forget the first wicket for the Indian team and the last wicket like this. ‘Chakda Express’ not only took wickets but also made many friends in the more than 19 years of his career. He said, ‘It seems that the pressure has been relieved. But I feel bad that now I can’t go back to the Indian dressing room. I was so united with everyone that I felt bad to leave them.’

After retiring from professional cricket, Jhulan said, ‘Being an international cricketer, I have to be on diet for a long time, but now there is no restriction. No more standing on the road for phuchka or delicious biryani. I can wake up late in the morning. She said that this road ahead is like a new life and she wants to enjoy every moment of it.