Jun 7, 2022, 17:08 IST

Gary Kirsten Praises Ashish Nehra Telling Him a Low Profile Coach!!


Gujrat Titans team mentor Gary Kirsten praises Ashish Nehra who plays a vital role in Gujarat titan’s maiden title victory in IPL 2022.

Though Gary Kirsten has experience in lifting major titles, for Ashish Nehra this was the first major title to lift in the coaching role.

Gary Kirsten praises Ashish Nehra

At the end of every Gujarat Titan’s victory, Ashish Nehra can be seen quiet and composed in the dugout without celebrating his team’s victory.

Gary Kirsten praises Ashish Nehra and claims, “Ashish is a close friend and we have walked a long journey together. As a player I enjoyed his willingness to keep understanding his game and his professionalism. He coaches with his heart, always thinking about his players and how he can help them,” Kirsten told.

“He’s low profile and does not like the spotlight. He is tactically one of the best coaches in the IPL and is always talking to his players about how to make better performances,” he added.

Kirsten then shed some light on the coaching methodology Nehra and he used to keep the players ready for different match situations.

“Ashish wants his players to have options and he helps them understand when to use them. A set game-plan is not possible in the IPL; the matches are extremely complex with new scenarios happening all the time.

This requires in-the-moment planning and players who can think for themselves and adjust a game-plan or use a different strategy in an over,” Kirsten explained.

He continued, “As coaches, we help the players think through this. I think we complement each other really well, and we trust each other’s work. I played the role of assisting him in his thinking and wherever I could, just to keep the wheels on track.”