May 17, 2022, 19:57 IST

Hardik Pandya needs to control his emotions on the field –Says Mohammed Shami!!!


Gujrat Titans Captain Hardik Pandya and his men have booked a top-two finish with a win against the Chennai Super Kings (CSK) on Sunday, May 15.  Mohammed Shami has showered praises on his captain Hardik Pandya for his leadership in IPL 2022.

However, Shami feels he should control his emotions while leading the side in the 15th season.

“I have suggested him to control his emotions on the field because the entire world watches you. It is important for a leader to be sensible, and understand situations and he has performed that role to perfection.”

Shami also stated that Hardik Pandya has changed as a person since he was appointed captain of the Titans.

“Hardik has kept the team together. Every captain has a different temperament. Mahi (Dhoni) Bhai was quiet, Virat was aggressive, Rohit leads according to match situations, so understanding Hardik’s mindset is not tough.”