Jul 5, 2022, 16:52 IST

I don't like injustice: Candice tears into Cricket Australia over husband's leadership ban!!


Many Players like Steve Smith, David Warner and Cameron Bancroft were handed suspensions for up to 1 year in charge of 2018 ball-tampering scandal. Though all returned to playing cricket successfully, the 'leadership ban' has remained intact.

Candice Warner hit out at CA over its treatment of David Warner

Candice, who isn't known to mince words in cricketing affairs involving her husband, has hit out at CA over their treatment of David.

“I think out of nine or 10 games he’s only lost one as captain,” said Candice while speaking to Triple M radio. “Yeah, it bothers me. I don’t like injustice, so it does bother me. My job wasn’t to question my husband, it was about supporting David at that time.”

Candice further said that David gets much more appreciation in India and UAE. “David has an incredible T20 record in India, in Australia, he’s one of our best ever,” Candice said.

“Regardless of whether the ban is lifted or not, if he plays Big Bash, it’s a decision we talk about what’s best for the family in this period. “Also there’s another league going on in the UAE, which financially (has) much bigger money. It’s not just a matter of lifting Dave’s ban, it’s a matter of what’s best for our family. And Dave’s just accepted he has this ban now.”

Warner has been an integral part of the Australian team since his return from the ban.