Oct 6, 2022, 15:49 IST

Indian players should have consoled Charlotte Dean, who said no to mankading, instead Harman was happy about it’!!


It has been about two weeks since the much-debated Mankad incident in the 3rd and final ODI between India and England, but the criticism refuses to die.

Deepti Sharma of India persuaded England's Charlotte Dean to close the game in her team's favor on September 24th. Following that episode, the internet was divided. Several celebrities chastised her for undermining the spirit of the game, while others praised her for following the rules.

As expected, most British cricketers rallied to Dean's side after she was dismissed.

Several players, including Stuart Broad and Ben Stokes, have spoken out on the event, and the most recent is senior England pacer James Anderson.

Anderson had earlier criticised Deepti and tweeted, “Will never understand why players feel the need to do this. Is she stealing ground?”

 The 40-year-old further agreed with fellow teammate Sam Billings, who pointed out that Deepti had no intention to bowl that delivery.

Recently, Anderson appeared on the Tailenders podcast,“I didn’t like seeing Dean in tears after the game. The Indian team shook hands with her, but there was no compassion. They should have at least consoled her.”

When asked whether the Indian team was guilty about it, Anderson replied, “They shouldn’t have done that then.”