Jun 8, 2022, 12:03 IST

Know Which Cricketer Has More Haters In India?


India is known for its love and hate for particular cricketers all throughout the world. Many cricket fans all across the world loved a few cricketers and they too have a lot of haters for various reasons. Here is the list of top most hated cricketers in India.

Most Hated Cricketer In India: Know Which Cricketer Has More Haters In India? 

#1 Ricky Ponting

Ricky Ponting is a three-time ICC World Cup champion and one of the most successful captains in cricket history. Despite the fact that fans adore him as a great captain and player, he has made a number of false appeals in order to get the batsmen into trouble. As a result, he has a slew of detractors who are always on his case.

#2 Misbah-ul-Haq

Misbha-ul-haq, Pakistan's captain, has a larger fan base around the world. Similarly, he has more haters in his own country. Pakistani cricket supporters accuse him of being defensive in one-day internationals. When he hit that shot in the final over of the T20 World Cup Final in 2007, Pakistan fans began to hate him.

#3 Gautam Gambhir

India's left-handed opener, Gautam Gambhir, has been involved in a number of fights in recent years. He was also once involved in a brawl with Rahul Dravid. Following that incident, he attracted even more detractors from around the globe. He had won many matches for India on his own, but in the gentleman's game, he needed to be a gentleman.

#4 Shahid Afridi

Pakistan's destructive batsman Shahid Afridi began to receive haters after his comments in the 2011 World Cup Semi-final. After Pakistan's semi-final loss to India, Afridi claimed that "Indians don't have a big heart," and it was at this point that he lost all respect from his Indian fans.

#5 Andrew Symonds

In 2007, the off-spinner referred to the Australian batsman as a "Monkey" because of his unusual hairdo and appearance, resulting in the Monkey-gate controversy. The Indian supporters were angry, believing Symonds misinterpreted Harbhajan's words. This has long been a source of discontent among Indian supporters, who have developed a strong dislike for him.