Aug 30, 2022, 16:43 IST

List of 7 hit commentators of current times!!


Commentary is an integral part of the game who can make a drab game exciting, while a poor analyst can kill even the most thrilling moments of a pulsating encounter.

7. Danny Morrison: Former New Zealand pacer Danny Morrison was a highly accomplished bowler of his time. He claimed 160 scalps in 48 Tests and 126 in 96 ODIs. His presence in the commentary box these days is more or less entertainment guaranteed.

6. Ian Bishop: The former West Indies fast bowler is a serious thinker of the game and an equally serious speaker. He reads the game in a manner others can not.

5. Kumar Sangakkara: The Sri Lankan legend has only recently joined the commentary box is already making his presence felt. Along his cricketing skills, Sangakkara was also known for his one-liners. The cheeky element is visible even when he has the mic in hand. He might not say a lot, but it’s often enough to prove a point in his inimitable manner.

4. Ravi Shastri: “He’s hit that like a tracer bullet.” “That’s exactly what the doctor ordered.” There might be more than a hint of monotony in Ravi Shastri’s commentary, but never a lack of energy.

3. Harsha Bhogle: Harsha Bhogle is the rarest of rare cases haven’t played cricket at the highest level. Bhogle an IIM Ahmedabad Alumnus has amazing communication skills and engages his co-panelists in worthy discussions on the game. When in form, Bhogle is still the ultimate role model for any budding cricket commentator, especially in India.

2. Sunil Gavaskar: The Little Master is as good with the mic as he was on the pitch. Despite being in his 70s, Gavaskar has retained some childlike enthusiasm, which comes through in his entertaining performances with the mic. His chemistry with the new generation of commentators is also endearing. He has had his off-days, like every human, but they have been outnumbered by the ‘Sunny Days’,

1. Mark Nicholas:  Mark Nicholas never managed to play international cricket. As a commentator, though, he has earned accolades of the highest level for his crisp and, at the same time, slick presentation. 

Nicholas’ keeps you hooked to the game. Even though he lacks the flamboyance of Shastri and the wit of Gavaskar, what Nicholas possesses is a sharp mind.