Oct 27, 2022, 10:23 IST

Longest over in ODI By This Bowler in the match between Pakistan and Bangladesh!!


Yes, you read it right. In the ODI Cricket history, there is a 17 Ball over bowled by Pakistan’s Mohammed Sami between Bangladesh and Pakistan on 12th of March at Colombo in Asia Cup in July 2004.


Ashraful, the opener for Bangladesh, was struck by Pakistan's opening bowler Mohammed Sami in his first over. Bangladesh's score after two overs was six runs for one wicket.

As usual, Shabbir Ahmed and Mohammed Sami began the spell. In his first over, Mohammed Sami struck out Bangladesh's opener Ashraful. Bangladesh's score after two overs was six runs for one wicket.

The third over was launched by Mohammed Shami with a wide. Habibul Bashar hit a fore with the second ball, which was the first authentic ball. On the second delivery of Sami's over, Habibul Bashar once more scored two runs.

This is where the terror began. Sami first delivered a no ball before bowling a wide. Habibul singled on the third legitimate ball of the game. Sami bowled a no ball once more, followed by two straight wides.

The following delivery was a dot ball, and then Sami bowled a wide, a no ball, two straight wides, and then another no ball.

Semi scored four on the final ball to complete this over. In this longest 17-ball over in ODI cricket history, Sami allowed a total of 22 runs.