Thu, 21 Jul 2022

Shoaib Akhtar wants this overweight Indian cricketer to lose weight and do modelling as well!!


After the heart-winning victory, of Men in Blue over England in the 3rd ODI to win the series 2-1. Rishabh Pant and Hardik Pandya appear as saviors to India when the team was on the verge of a collapse. 

Hardik reckoned 71 of 55 balls, while Pant amassed 125, scoring his maiden ODI hundred. Cricketers and experts across the globe took to social media platforms to hail the Southpaw’s inning. Meanwhile, Shoaib Akhtar lauds Pant.

Speaking about Pant’s ability, he said, “He has the cut shot, pull shot, reverse sweep. he isn’t afraid. He won the match in Australia. He won the match here in England and took India to a series victory.”

 Akhtar comes up with unique advice for Pant as well. He said that Pant is a little overweight and should shed some weight. Doing so, he can try modeling and earn crores.

Speaking on his official YouTube channel, he said, “He is a little overweight. I hope he takes care of that. Because India’s market is big. He’s good-looking. He can emerge as a model and earn crores. Because whenever a person becomes a star in India, a lot of investment is made on them.”

He further touted Pant as the future face of Indian cricket and added, “The talent he has, he will put oppositions in a lot of trouble. Against England, he adopted a calculated approach while pacing the innings, and then turn ruthless. He can accelerate whenever he wants. In times to come, Rishabh Pant is going to be a superstar. The only one can who can stop him is Pant himself.”