Sep 20, 2022, 16:31 IST

Test Captains who wrapped up the captaincy in one go!!!


Cricket is a religion in our country it holds a legacy back in history. So far 35 players have captained the Test matches. In this article, we will have a look at a few unlucky players who never got back the captaincy after once they captained the test match.

ये हैं भारत के सबसे अनलकी कप्तान, जिनसे एक मैच के बाद ही छीन ली गई कप्तानी

Hemu Adhikari:

He was given the captaincy in the Test match of 1958-59 against WI’s after which he never had been on captaincy ever.

Pankaj Roy:

Pankaj was given the chance of leading Team India in the test match of 1959 against England. However, India was defeated by 8 wickets in this match after which he has never seen captaining Team India.

Chandu Bordey:

On tour to England in 1967-68 Chandu was given the captaincy against Australia where the team India got defeated by 146 runs. After which he never led the team India ever.

Ravi Shastri:

The former coach of team India Ravi Shastri could captain India in only one of the test matches of his illustrious career. It was in 1988 at Chennai whereby Team India won the match.