Aug 16, 2022, 09:51 IST

The Cricket World Gone In Dismay As Ian Chappell Retires From Cricket Commentary After 45 Years Former Australian Cricketer!!


 Famous commentator Ian Chappell shocked the cricket fraternity after making the announcement of his retirement. 78-year-old Ian Chappell kept holding the map for 45 years causing a wave of shock among the fans.

Together with Richie Beno, Bill Lawrie, and Tony Greig, Chappell formed the famous team of commentary.

Ian Chappell was diagnosed with skin cancer in 2019 and it took him five months to recover from the disease. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Chappell said, ‘When it comes to commentary, I was thinking about it.’ He said, ‘I fell ill a few years ago but was lucky to be able to recover from it. But now things are getting difficult and I thought things like traveling and climbing stairs are becoming difficult for me now.

Ian Chappell scored 5345 runs in Test cricket as a top-order batsman between 1964 and 1980. He also captained Australia in 30 Test matches. He also played 30 ODIs and became a commentator after retiring from cricket.