Sep 26, 2022, 10:33 IST

The only player who got hanged to death in the field!!


The Former West Indies pacer Leslie Hylton hanged to death on May 17, 1955, in charge of the murder of his wife and remains the only Test player to ever be.


This Jamaican, player played six Tests between 1935 and 1939 and accounted for 16 wickets.

Born into a poor family on March 29, 1905, he was forced to quit education at 13 and work as an assistant at a tailor’s shop. After little success in his new job, Hylton became a laborer at the docks by 1933.

He found respite in cricket and emerged as a batting all-rounder for Jamaica. His image earned him a call-up for the West Indies national team in 1935 against a touring England side that had the likes of Wally Hammond, Leslie Ames, led by R. E. S. Wyatt.

Luckily, West Indies won the series 2-1, courtesy and Hylton went on to score 19. 

Hylton fell in love with Lurline Rose, the daughter of a Jamaican police inspector. Later in 1954, Hylton received an unsigned telegram from New York informing him of his wife’s affair with Roy Francis. Hylton confronted his wife, and shot her seven times and then called the police himself.

In the trial that took place in October 1954, Hylton claimed in his testimony that he had tried to shoot himself and missed, shooting his wife in the process instead. However, there were seven bullets lodged in Lurline’s body, convincing the jury which unanimously found him guilty and delivered the verdict on October 20, 1954