Jun 30, 2022, 17:23 IST

This Player Serves Tea Who Once Made His Country Won The World Cup!!


Former cricketer Roshan Mahanama urged his countrymen to support one another during the tough times as he himself was seen serving tea and buns to people lined up in long lines at the nearby gas station during Sri Lanka's economic crisis.

Roshan Mahanama. Credit: Twitter/@Rosh_Maha

Food, medicine, cooking gas and other fuel, toilet paper, and even matches are among the essentials that are in severe short supply as a result of the economic crisis. The country is expected to run out of foreign currency in a matter of days because it is having trouble finding it to pay for imports of desperately needed fuel.


"We served tea and buns with the team from Community Meal Share this evening for the people at the petrol queues around Ward Place and Wijerama mawatha. The queues are getting longer by the day and there will be many health risks to people staying in in queues," tweeted Mahanama, who was a part of the Sri Lankan cricket team that won the 1996 ODI World Cup along with the pictures of him serving tea and buns to people.