Feb 24, 2022, 16:32 IST

Virat Kohli clears the air on his decision to step down as RCB captain

Virat kohli

India's batting sensation and former captain for all three formats, Virat Kohli recently stepped down from the role of captain across the three formats. Not only did Kohli quit Team India's captaincy but also gave up Royal Challengers Bangalore's (RCB's) captaincy as well citing a simple reason that he needed some space and time to manage his workload. Kohli stated that it is difficult for person to understand his decision. 

Kohli had announced his decision to leave IPL captaincy after saying that T20 World Cup will be his last tournament as India skipper in the shortest format. He was later removed as ODI captain and soon after he quit the leadership role in the five-day format.

"I’m not someone who holds onto things more than I should. Even if I know I can do a lot more, if I’m not going to enjoy the process, I’m not going to do it," Kohli said on 'The RCB Podcast'.

"Because it’s very difficult for people to understand your decisions unless they are in your situation. From the outside, people have their own expectations ‘Oh! How did that happen? We are so shocked'," he added.

"There’s nothing to be shocked about. I explain to people, I wanted some space and I wanted to manage my workload and the story ends there."

The talented batsman stressed that "Quantity in hard work but quality in execution. That is the key. If you go for quantity in execution, then you’re going to get burnt out. If I can’t be myself in my everyday life and I can’t be myself on the field, I will change something.

"Because that is who I am. That is the reason I am where I am. And that is the reason why people can connect to me at a certain level. My loved ones, people who are close to me, my friends they connected to me because of that factor, because I’ve always been myself," he said.