Jun 9, 2022, 11:37 IST

Virat Kohli cried, didn’t sleep all night - when team pranked the batter!!


Virat Kohli is one of the most well-known cricketers in the world right now. The batsman has worked hard over the years to establish himself in a game that requires a great deal of discipline. The former Indian captain has been in poor form recently, as evidenced by his performance in the recently concluded Indian Premier League. Pradeep Sangwan, a former teammate of Kohli's, recently shared an incident from their cricketing days.

Gujarat Titans were the first team to purchase Pradeep Sangwan in the Mega Auction 2022. After a four-year absence, the bowler returned to the league. He was last seen playing for the Mumbai Indians in 2018, after which he has not been seen since. The left-handed pitcher related an incident from his adolescence that involved Kohli and their coach at the time.

Kohli has been struggling for a long time, and his fans have been waiting for him to turn things around. Kohli's teammate Pradeep Sangwan recalled an incident in which the team and one of their coaches pranked Kohli while they were both playing for the Delhi U-17 team. Virat Kohli cried in his room and even called his childhood coach after the prank became too real.

In an interview with News24, Pradeep Sangwan recalled, “We were playing in a U17 match in Punjab. He hadn’t been scoring big in the past 2-3 innings. We had a coach named Ajit Chaudhary who used to call him ‘Cheeku’. Virat was the main player of our team, and Ajit sir funniy suggested, ‘let’s tell him he will not play in the next match. We all joined in on the prank.”

“In the team meeting, sir didn’t announce Virat’s name. He went to his room and started crying! He phone-called sir and said I’ve scored a 200 and a 250.. he had scored big in that season, to be honest. It’s just that he didn’t get enough runs in the past 2 to 3 innings. He got so emotional he even phone-called Rajkumar sir (Virat’s childhood coach),” Pradeep Sangwan added.

“Then, he came to me and asked, ‘Tell me Sangwan, what’s wrong? I scored so many runs this season. I told him, ‘Yes yes, that’s very wrong!’ He wasn’t able to sleep all night as well. He said, “No, I don’t want to sleep. What’s the point of sleeping when I’m not playing?’ Then, I told him that he was playing. It was all a prank!” added Pradeep Sangwan further.

On and off the field, Kohli is known for his discipline. When he became captain, the batsman changed the Indian team's entire fitness situation. He places a high value on fitness and instilled this in the Indian cricket team. He is very passionate about his game, which is evident on the field, as evidenced by this incident shared by Pradeep Sangwan from the