Jun 2, 2022, 10:31 IST

Watching batters jump like monkeys was heartening to see – Shoaib Akhtar!!


Shoaib Akhtar – a prominent name in the Pakistan bowling lineup terrified the world with his brilliant bouncers. 


In a talk with former India cricketer Mohammad Kaif, Akhtar explained how he felt seeing the batters being troubled by his bouncers.

“I bowled bouncers because watching batters jump like monkeys was heartening to see”, he said. He also revealed that he wanted to hit batters on head while bowling these bouncers as he had the pace. H . . .

Notably, Akhtar who retired in 2011, played 224 international games. In these he picked 444 wickets, but couldn’t achieve more as injuries hampered his career.