Thu, 16 Sep 2021

Michael Holding Retires from Commentary!!


The 66-year-old, fiercest pacers and one of the most respected voices in world cricket,  legendary Michael Holding was part of the commentary panel of Sky Sports for over 20 years, had been contemplating hanging up the microphone for the last one year.

Michael Holding Announces Retirement from Commentary

 Commentator and broadcaster earlier said that he won’t be able to travel and be on the road like he used to at his age anymore.

 “I am not too sure how much further than 2020 I will be going with commentary. I cannot see myself going much further down the road at my age. I am 66 years old now, I am not 36, 46 or 56, Holding, who started doing cricket commentary in 1991 in the Caribbean, had said on a radio talk show.

“I told (Sky) that I could not commit to more than a year at a time. If this year gets totally destroyed, I might have to think about 2021 because I can’t just walk away from Sky, a company that has done so much good for me.”

 Holding has played 60 Tests and 102 ODIs, taking 391 international wickets during his career.

Holding was one of the leading voice against racism in the Black Lives Matter protests in the aftermath of the killing of Floyd by a white policeman, had been a talking point last year.