Tue, 23 Nov 2021

Salman Butt’s advice to Hardik Pandya, ‘Build some muscles, if you wanna play all three formats’!!


Hardik Pandya has been asked to report to the National Cricket Academy (NCA). Former Pakistan captain Salman Butt said on his official youtube channel opined that if Hardik wants to play in all three formats, then he will have to work on his ‘thin body’. Expressing his opinion on Hardik Pandya, he said, ‘It is a good decision. Hardik should build a little muscle. Along with training, he should take a good diet so that he can play in all three formats. It will be challenging for him to play all three formats with such a slim body.

हार्दिक पांड्या को पाकिस्तानी क्रिकेटर ने दी मांसपेशियां बढ़ाने की सलाह, बोले- ऐसे तीनों फॉर्मेट खेलना मुश्किल

Though he played in ICC T20 WC 2021 but was not included in the T20 series against New Zealand (India vs New Zealand). After the injury, he is not been able to play as a complete all-rounder. But the team management decided to adopt him only as a batsman in some matches.

Along with this, Salman Butt also expressed his opinion on Virat Kohli. A fan asked Salman Butt if Virat Kohli can break Ricky Ponting’s record of 71 international centuries. Butt seemed very positive about it.

Replying to the fan, Butt said, ‘Of course, Virat Kohli can break Ricky Ponting’s record. If we talk about the great batsmen of the modern era, then only Virat Kohli deserves to break it. Now the time has come for Virat to return to his old colors. The pressure on them has eased a bit. He will be able to concentrate more on his batting. We may soon see Virat Kohli in 2018-19.

Virat Kohli has 70 centuries to his name in international cricket. He needs two hundred to overtake former Australia captain Ricky Ponting.